A quiet mind is all we need. All else happens rightly, once the mind is still.

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Blog posts May 2014

A Perfect Dance

In moments of quiet I sense the dance of perfection, of things moving together in harmony. The perfection can likely be expressed mathematically but I only feel it dancing, a constant and gentle movement. It dances through me and soon I remember I am part of that perfection, and let myself enjoy bei…

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My favorite time to enjoy psylence is when walking through my neighborhood which is blessed with many old growth trees - pines and deciduous -  plus many saplings, adolescents, and young adults. The presence found in silence is also the presence of the trees, of myself, the sunlight, grass, and the …

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Am Not

In silence I became familiar with who I am by realizing who or what I am not. When you know you are not something that you thought you were, perception shifts. Over time, the idea of self becomes more fluid. That fluidity contains joy and acceptance.

Never Alone

What becomes very clear in silence is that we are never alone. In silence there is presence, and rather than labeling that presence I tend to think of it as the presence of all things.

Knowing this presence makes loneliness impossible. Though I still desire and enjoy the company of other people it …

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