A quiet mind is all we need. All else happens rightly, once the mind is still.

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Blog posts June 2014

Floating In

When first learning to quiet my mind, back in my early twenties, I was astonished at how noisy my mind was. Now, I occasionally think having the numbness of that noise would make life nicely shallow—easier to swim in.

With a quiet mind, ideas come floating in like dandelion puffs on a soft breeze…

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One day, you're sitting quietly and take a deep breath. It occurs to you that in this world there is no greater miracle, nothing more awesome, than drawing a breath. It contains all of the awe of all other awesome experiences, and holds it so gently, you must be quite still to notice. 

Listen Up

When the mind is restless and keeps bubbling up into the psylence, it can help to focus on listening. I listen to the silence, or the leaves wind-whispersing, or the neighbor's air conditioner humming - whatever. It helps quiet the mind because I cannot listen intently and think at the same time. 

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