A quiet mind is all we need. All else happens rightly, once the mind is still.

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Blog posts March 2015

Bare Branches

The branches of a bare tree not far from the back door sway with the gusty March wind

——as the many aspects of a concept rooted in truth moves the mind

——as silence moves from stillness to the vibration of birdsong, laughter, babies, symphonies, and perfect words for the present moment. …

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An Ineffable Something

In the visual silence of a photograph we can connect with the indescribable essence of a captured moment. The senses of touch, taste, sound, and smell are quelled. In the sight-only slice of camera quiet our subtler senses can register an ineffable something that tickles our awe, and expands the hea…

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Deep Silence

Sometimes, if feeling irritable, restless, or frustrated (or all three) it helps to close the eyes and sit in the silence of the bottom of the sea, the ocean depths, supported by sound-cancelling water.

Movement is slower there, and the roil of emotion and feeling remains at the surface. Whether…

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