A quiet mind is all we need. All else happens rightly, once the mind is still.

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Blog posts June 2015

Spacing Out on the Patio

Psylence, or a quiet mind, is not just the absence of sound, it is space—the space between our thoughts.

There is space between the night sky's stars,  between the forest's abundance of trees, and the leaves or needles of each tree. If we allow it, there is space between the events of a day, a…

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Sitting Together

This morning...

I sent my fears into the universe to be transformed into strength.
A lion came to sit with me.

I sent inadequacies into the universe to be transformed into beauty.
A bluebird flew in and perched by me.

I sent my my failure into the universe to be made useful.
A peac…

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We can imagine an ocean wave washing across our mind, just as one washes up and over the shore. As the water recedes back into the fulness of an imaginary ocean (lake, sea) it takes with it everything that clutters a mind: irritations, preferences, prejudices, assumptions, knowledge, and worries. Ah…

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