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Not About Me Times Three

Spending time in silence teaches you that thinking is unnecessary, most of the time, and that life goes on when you cease weaving everything that happens into your personal story. Like yesterday - a day of interesting circumstances.

First, a battery operated clock that ran out of juice a week ago started moving again. When the 7 a.m. news came on, the clock read 7 o'clock. I hadn't reset it. But, an hour later the clock had progressed to nearly 9 o'clock. 

Later, leaving Best Buy, I found a twenty dollar bill on the sidewalk. No one else was around. I picked it up and tossed it into the cup holder of my car. On my way to the grocery store I stopped at an intersection where a man held a sign asking for money. I passed the twenty on to him. 

Still later, at home, I noticed my lovely silver coffee scoop with the engraved handle was missing from its usual spot. I'd used it that morning. Looked everywhere, even through the day's garbage. It's still missing, but may eventually turn up.

I am not sharing these events because I think there is anything mystical, or inexplicable about them - although I would prefer that - but because I noticed my mind wanting to make these events about me, about my life story. My human mind wanted them to carry a meaning that would  enrich, or expand my existence.

It is, however, our stories that entangle us. We can experience events without making them about ourself, without assigning them meaning beyond the experience itself. So, I stopped thinking about the three curious events of my day, except to acknowledge they happened.

Even more curious - the three events are part of my yesterday, part of the objective story that is my life on earth, but because they are not in the service of my significance, they seem to exist in my memory with a life of their own.



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