A quiet mind is all we need. All else happens rightly, once the mind is still.

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Psylent Reverie

Psylence, or quieting the mind, does not necessarily mean meditative moments of no thought - though those moments are quite blissful.

Psylence can be listening intently to what someone is saying, instead of thinking about how to respond. It could mean choosing to listen without responding at all.

Psylence occurs when our mind is given over to a life-affirming activity (reading, organizing a closet, a science project) and we lose track of time, feel refreshed, energized, sometimes joyful.

Psylence is in those moments we stop worrying about a problem long enough to ask our intuition, God, higher self, the universe, or another human being for assistance.

Psylence is profound when we engage in play.

Psylence prevails when knowledge hits a dead end and we learn to enjoy, or at least appreciate, the mystery. 

Psylence soothes us when we mentally unzip our persona and temporarily step outside the stories that constitute this lifetime. In this stillness is the solace of being.

Psylence is that space in which wisdom and creativity can arise to inform our actions.

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