A quiet mind is all we need. All else happens rightly, once the mind is still.

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Surprise Pleasure

Two summers ago I helped my mom with her garden, lifting the heavy potting soil bag, fetching trowels, gloves, and weed bags, digging was okay, I didn't mind helping. Loved being outside, of course.

Last summer, my mom's back and hip being worse, I did a lot more. The usual going for this and that plus half the watering, and trimming. She still spent more hours out there than myself, but I enjoyed watering late in the afternoons, picking off expired blossoms, getting some dirt under my nails.

This summer, because her balance is poor, the garden is essentially under my care, and I have found myself melting into it. When I'm out there alone, following my slowly burgeoning gardening instincts, trimming a bush here, weeding there, fertilizing, watering, pruning....thoughts cease, time drops away,...I am completely calm, content, and present.

I finally get it, why so many people love gardening, because now I do...guess some pleasures just grow on you.   

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