A quiet mind is all we need. All else happens rightly, once the mind is still.

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Tolerating Psylence

If everyone in the world learned to quiet their mind and practiced it for even a few minutes every day, would the world become more peaceful and nurturing? Well, it is fun to speculate but that doesn't accomplish anything, and you can't make people learn to enjoy psylence anyway.

Not everyone is eager to engage emptiness. Many people must first learn to tolerate it before they can enjoy it, and learning to tolerate it can be uncomfortable, even frightening. At first, it may feel as if you are losing yourself. We are so identified with our thoughts, beliefs, opinions, and feelings, a quiet mind can initially seem like a death—except you continue breathing. 

What may feel like a death is simply realizing what life is not, and it is hard to imagine anyone being unchanged by such a realization. When the things that separate people fall away in silence, increased compassion is the natural response, although I say that from personal experience and observation only.

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