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Spacing Out on the Patio

Psylence, or a quiet mind, is not just the absence of sound, it is space—the space between our thoughts.

There is space between the night sky's stars,  between the forest's abundance of trees, and the leaves or needles of each tree. If we allow it, there is space between the events of a day, a…

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Sitting Together

This morning...

I sent my fears into the universe to be transformed into strength.
A lion came to sit with me.

I sent inadequacies into the universe to be transformed into beauty.
A bluebird flew in and perched by me.

I sent my my failure into the universe to be made useful.
A peac…

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We can imagine an ocean wave washing across our mind, just as one washes up and over the shore. As the water recedes back into the fulness of an imaginary ocean (lake, sea) it takes with it everything that clutters a mind: irritations, preferences, prejudices, assumptions, knowledge, and worries. Ah…

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Just Listen

Maybe the easiest way to psylence is listening. Giving our self over to listening, thinking stops. If we are thinking, we are not given over to listening.

When thinking stops, relationship begins, and relationship with what-is is a pleasure often left behind with childhood.

When listening, …

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A Sparrow's Gift

Sparrows are sweet and stunning, though the earth-tone feathers and their sheer numbers render them ordinary, just as everyday life seems to render most of us ordinary.

If a sparrow lands on your balcony railing and a deep vein of sadness wells up, spilling out of your eyes, it may be an accumul…

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Bare Branches

The branches of a bare tree not far from the back door sway with the gusty March wind

——as the many aspects of a concept rooted in truth moves the mind

——as silence moves from stillness to the vibration of birdsong, laughter, babies, symphonies, and perfect words for the present moment. …

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An Ineffable Something

In the visual silence of a photograph we can connect with the indescribable essence of a captured moment. The senses of touch, taste, sound, and smell are quelled. In the sight-only slice of camera quiet our subtler senses can register an ineffable something that tickles our awe, and expands the hea…

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Deep Silence

Sometimes, if feeling irritable, restless, or frustrated (or all three) it helps to close the eyes and sit in the silence of the bottom of the sea, the ocean depths, supported by sound-cancelling water.

Movement is slower there, and the roil of emotion and feeling remains at the surface. Whether…

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Mixed Bouquet

This morning, the three
tulips stretch tall
above the other flowers,

with petals all the way open
I hear them shout "Ta-da!"

Paradoxical Flakes

There is a gentle snow falling today. It's lovely how the movement of free-falling flakes makes the world more still, and the flakes' soundless smack down makes silence louder.

Blasts from the Past

Life is busier right now than I like it to be - my time is filled with necessary activity. I'm thankful for the inner stillness in juxtaposition to the controlled chaos all around me. Here are a couple passages I recently found in an old journal:

It is ultimately a privilege to be here on Earth - a…

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If you are out walking on a crisp autumn day, enjoying the changing leaves and unavoidably feeling the bittersweet of change and loss, it may occur to you our true legacy is written in what we bring to each ungraspable moment of life—an energetic imprint we make on the eternal present we build the s…

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Easy To Imagine

In silence it is easy to imagine governments exist to ensure that people everywhere have their basic needs met, and an opportunity to flourish. The priority of governments is life: clean air, clean water, the wise use of resources, and sustainable living practices. Countries or communities realize t…

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Available As Air

A quiet mind teaches us that wisdom is as available as the air. When our own energy is compatible with that of wisdom we naturally resonate with it, or we always resonate with it except when our thoughts and emotions run interference. Though we often learn things "the hard way," acquiring wisdom thr…

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Tolerating Psylence

If everyone in the world learned to quiet their mind and practiced it for even a few minutes every day, would the world become more peaceful and nurturing? Well, it is fun to speculate but that doesn't accomplish anything, and you can't make people learn to enjoy psylence anyway.

Not everyone is ea…

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Nothing Excluded

When quiet within you can feel presence, though it's not really a feeling but more of a knowing, or maybe knowing is the subtlest of feelings. Grosser feelings are easier to put words to than knowing—which is too ethereal to be sayable. So, trying to communicate something about presence generally ta…

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It Hums

Silence has a calming, relaxing effect on our mind, emotions and body, and is also alive with possibility. It hums with an inevitable insight or solution to a problem, an observation otherwise missed, wisdom before action, and the remembrance of who we are. In a state of mindful psylence we may expe…

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Deciduous Daydream

It's lovely to enjoy silence when my emotions and feelings are at peace, but that is not always the case. Instead of getting annoyed with the presence of an uncomfortable feeling or sensation, I've learned to just allow it, let it be with me as an uninvited and semi-welcome guest.  

Sometimes thes…

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In the Sea

Silence is full of possibility. Why does a person love being in a sea of possibility? I don't know, but I do—everything is potential, a journal of blank pages. I suspect the constant transience of endless potential is our essence, who we are, so I guess that makes loving the sea of possibility self-…

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Floating In

When first learning to quiet my mind, back in my early twenties, I was astonished at how noisy my mind was. Now, I occasionally think having the numbness of that noise would make life nicely shallow—easier to swim in.

With a quiet mind, ideas come floating in like dandelion puffs on a soft breeze…

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