A quiet mind is all we need. All else happens rightly, once the mind is still.

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I was driving on a curvy two-lane road through a wooded area, and came up behind a white pickup. The pickup was traveling about ten mph below the speed limit — I had been going a few mph above it.

I could feel impatience bubbling up inside me. "Let it go…just be in the moment…drive with the flow," I tell myself half-heartedly. Another poky-paced mile went by. "You've got to be kidding me," I mumbled.

Then, the pickup slowed down…slowed down some more…came to a stop. A nervous young buck skittered up the shallow roadside embankment just to the truck's right, ran across the road, and quickly disappeared into the pines.


We drove on, me in psylence. After another poky half mile, the truck turned off the road.  


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